Prosperous Neighborhoods Indicator overview

The percent of residents living in census tracts with less than 20% in poverty.

California State
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California Latino Economic Scorecard

As the largest racial or ethnic group in California, the economic well-being of Latinos will play a critical role in the long-term economic success of the state. Latinos continue to experience much lower economic well-being in the state than California’s population as a whole.

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Employment Among LA County Residents Experiencing Homelessness

The California Policy Lab found that a majority (74%) of people who enrolled to receive homeless services in Los Angeles between 2010 and 2018 had worked in California before enrolling for services. Over one third (37%) worked in the two years prior to receiving homeless services, and about one in five (19%) of individuals were working in the same calendar quarter that they enrolled to receive services. This report provides an in-depth analysis of employment dynamics for people before, during, and after homelessness.

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Track the Recovery

How has COVID-19 affected our economy and what policies will foster a recovery for all Americans? Government surveys of households and businesses show that COVID-19 reduced GDP and increased unemployment sharply. These sources, while critical for measuring the scope of the crisis, are more limited in their capacity to inform policy decisions. In particular, national surveys are neither frequent nor large enough to reveal how the crisis has affected specific areas or subgroups. In response to this challenge, we created the Opportunity Insights Economic Tracker, a freely available interactive website that measures economic activity at a granular level in real time. The tracker is built using anonymized data from several private companies, such as credit card processors and payroll firms. From this data, we construct statistics on consumer spending, employment rates, and other indicators by county, industry, and (pre-crisis) income level. These new statistics allow us to study how COVID-19 has affected the economy with unprecedented precision.

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